Wilder Lee

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Hailing from the vibrant city of Manila and moving to Australian shores at the tender age of two, Wilder is no stranger to music. Growing up listening to The Temptations, Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash to name a few artists, he fell in love with word painting and simplistic yet emotionally driven melodies. Having travelled and lived overseas for a portion of his music career, Wilder has graced many a stage throughout his European music tour. Whether it be performing through the Scottish highlands, in small Parisian coffee houses, extravagant Austrian golden halls or a small dark stage on a Greek Island Cruise Ships, one thing is for sure, Wilder will take your heart on a journey with his song writing With haunting vocals and emotional lyrics, Wilder’s songs are indicative of an old soul trapped in a 28 year old musician. In 2016, Wilder seeks to build his already growing following and will drop his first EP in early 2016.