The Taikonauts

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1959 : Last incident. Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States of America. During a wrestling pratice, four Lucha Libre wrestlers were kidnapped by Martian Mega-3 pirates, brought to Saturn and frozen. 2008 : First contact. Saturn, Solar System. The Mega-3 Martians establish contact with the observation satellite Go-Goal generation 9.3. After setting the defrosting program, the wrestlers are returned to Earth. 2009 : Earth, unreal world.Shocked by the chaotic evolution of the 21st century, the four men take control of a run-down Mexican Music Store... Welcome to the world of "The Taikonauts" and their Surf Music From Outer Space!

Membres: Taiko-J : Guitar Taiko-G : Guitar Taiko-Z : Bass, Samples Taiko-M : Drums

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