The Hillbilly Goats

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*** 2016 Golden Guitar Nominees for "Rabbit in a Log" - Bluegrass single of the year ***

Kick yer shoes off, put yer hoe-down & hang on to yer britches! Their mission is to strip back the layers of modern music and transport you on a journey that began centuries ago when the immigrants first settled in the Appalachian Mountains of America. These guys aren’t just a band – they’re a show featuring colourful costumes, stories and song combined with tap dancing, bones, big harmonies and regular instrument changes. 2015 has been a busy year for the band – performing over 200 shows as well as moving in to the Foggy Mountain Studio in the NSW Hunter Valley to work with iconic Australian producer Nash Chambers (responsible for #1 albums such as ‘Barricades & Brickwalls’ and ‘Rattlin’ Bones’ by sister Kasey Chambers) on their new album, ‘Down Foggy Mountain’. Working with Nash has been a step in a different direction for the band. +read more

Membres: GOAT BOY - (Vocals, Banjo, Harmonica, Guitar, Mandolin, Slide, Percussion ++) GOAT GIRL - (Vocals, Double Bass, Bones, Tin Whistle, Tap Dancing) with Special Guests ... SUNNY GOAT - (Vocals, Fiddle) GOAT RYDER - (Vocals, Fiddle) YODEL GOAT - (Vocals, Guitar)

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