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Hi Visitor! First of all, welcome to my page! Let me introduce myself to you: I'm an Independent Composer, Producer, Singer-Songwriter, & mainly Bass Player with years of experience as Studio Session Musician, & Live Performer with Blues and Rock bands, to mention a few: (Katona Trio (HU), Adrenalin (SRB), Funk Museum (AU)). I'm also a visual artist, collaboarting with many great musicians, who I personally respect for their great works, such as Thomas Zwijsen ('Perfect Storm' video featuring Kee Marcello, Blaze Bayley, Derek Sherinian), Little G Weevil & the Cazanovas ('Roll And Boogie'), & the progressive metal band, Exterme Mind. The list is incomplete, but updating! In my own tunes I like to mix mainly Acoustic, Rock, Blues, Funky, & Jazz music. As a young musician, I learned Spanish Guitar from György Varga, singing by Bernadett Szél , flute instruments, choir singing, and piano in music school, but nowadays spending most of the time in arranging songs, writing & producing them. My music is somewhere in between Americana, Traditional Blues, Experimental, Funk and Jazz, but you tell me what it reminds you of :-) I'm into bringing emotions and musicality to the tunes, You can find my EP, Chameleon's Suitcase at Soundcloud. +la suite

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