Sharon Rachman

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I'm a self taught singer/songwriter and starting producer, born in Ukraine, now living in Israel. After graduating college and receiving bachelor's degree for business administration, it didn't feel like it's the right thing for me. By incidental meeting with other musician, it reminded me that I used to write music but that was never a main thing in my life. I started to write more, I enjoyed the thrill of what's new I am going to find out about myself. I never thought I could write blues. I didn't know that writing music and lyrics will help me to let go of something. After 3 years of writing, I decided to try and see if I'm able to produce my own songs. During 2013, I dedicated my time to learning the aspects of production craft in autodidact way with attention to provide my own sound and vibe. In 2015, I began studying sound production in order to be able to provide a great sound experience to the listeners of my music.

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