San Pedro

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San Pedro is an Israeli rock band. During this time, San Pedro had won the title “best alternative rock band of 2009” in an annual competition taking place in Tel Aviv. Since then, they performed in numerous concerts and festivals, gathering a strong fan base, which follows them across Israel, The Band collaborated on stages with artists such as: "Asaf Avidan", "J Viewz" . in November 2011, the band had released their debut album-“Ambitions”. The album contains each member’s wide range of musical influences, providing the listener with a unique, refreshing experience. San Pedro’s debut album- AMBITIONS produced by Baruch Ben-Izhak, a well-known producer in Israel (Rockfour, Ninet, Electra) and mastered by Andy Ross (Tory Amos, Martin Gretch) +Read more

Membres: Yotam Pur (vocals), Daniel Malachi (guitar),Eli Cohen (bass) and Eyal Satat (drums) the band was formed in late 2008. 

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