Rocky Leon


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My name is rocky. i was born in san francisco in 1985 to an austrian mother and a brazilian father. I spent my childhood moving back and forth between austria and california and ended up going to high school and college in austria.

Music to me is about celebration. No moping! i enjoy music that expresses intense emotions, whether that be joy or rage. i wanna be moved. In general my music is there to remind me and the world that nothing is as big a deal as we make it seem. Singing a happy little ditty about how much i hate everything is my way of not allowing myself to take myself all too seriously.

Life is fascinating in all its highs and lows. Everything strives towards balance. You can only experience as much joy as you can experience pain. If you’re suffering, consider yourself developing potential for future joy. if you’re happy, enjoy every moment as if it were your last. don’t get attached. everything is changing. always has been, always will.

shut up and dance!

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