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The Classic Rock Magazine describes Dogma's music as: “Aggressive riffs, ethnic vibes and psychedelic soundscapes all wrapped up with stunning delicate female vocals”. Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull presented Dogma on its official website: "The best musical metal band this side of Mars. Amazing bass player. Brilliant vocals. Searing guitar. Thundering neutron drums. This band feature instruments which are weapons of mass destruction.... Oh, to be so young." “It doesn’t matter how much or how little you know about Armenia, there is one thing that you can add to the list if you have not already done so: a band called Dogma! […] I’d say Dogma’s music is more like a slow acting but highly addictive drug that you just can’t get enough of”. […]There is no mistaking Dogma’s music for anything else, and unless another band comes along that successfully combines Armenian folk music with intricate and powerful Progressive Metal with a 70s edge, it is likely to stay that way". Femme Metal Webzine / Italy. +Read more

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