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Clannad's rich heritage is as deep as their own roots in rugged, secluded Donegal, the most northwestern county in Ireland, and their hometown of Gaoth Dobhar (pronounced 'Gweedore').  They were originally known as An Clann as Dobhar, 'the family from the townland of Dore,' which was compacted to Clannad.  The five-member group comprises the three Brennan siblings, Moya, Ciaran and Pol along with their twin uncles, Padraig and Noel Duggan. Between 1973 and 1980, they recorded six traditional albums, each of which helped to shape and refine the band's now unmistakable sound.  In 1979 and '80, they were joined by their younger sister Enya – the fifth of the nine Brennan siblings – on keyboards and background vocals for two albums, Crann Ull and Fuiam. before leaving to embark on her multi-platinum solo career. +Read more

Membres: Moya Brennan, Ciaran Brennan, Pól Brennan, Noel Duggan & Padraig Duggan

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