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Adelaide, Australia's BRILLIG are storytellers from another time, boldly twisting the traditional in Americana/Folk into an artful blend of toe-tapping COWBOY TUNES, rollicking SEA SHANTIES & deliciously dark FOLK BALLADS. Featuring vocal harmonies & an array of instruments (acoustic/electric guitar, autoharp, banjo, ukulele, accordion, harmonica & electric bass), BRILLIG channel a bygone-era poetic flair that’s polished for modern audiences. This distinct sound tips a hat to an eclectic combination of styles, with the press comparing them to Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, The Decemberists, The Pogues and more. BRILLIG are right at home with audiences who love catchy melodies, cheeky charm & something a little left of centre. Playing as a duo, trio or with a guest drummer, they suit any stage (intimate or immense) and have been spellbinding festival crowds across the globe. Standout performances include the regal arena of Leipzig Germany's State Theatre and main stages on Australia & New Zealand’s Folk Fest circuit, along with iconic speakeasies of Berlin's underground and quaint clubs lining the cobblestone streets of Prague. +la suite

Membres: MATT SWAYNE Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica / ELIZABETH REID Vocals, Autoharp, Ukulele, Piano Accordion, Viola / DENNI MEREDITH Electric Bass Guitar

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