Alien Hand Syndrome

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Influenced by existentialist literature and musical styles of all kinds (from the Beatles to Nirvana and Radiohead or even Black Metal) Austrian musician and songwriter Clemens Engert alias Alien Hand Syndrome creates songs as small pieces of art somewhere between Alternative/Gothic/Noise Rock, Singer-/Songwriter structures and classical cello/piano arrangements. The musical spectrum of A.H.S. goes from parts of innermost fragility to powerful choruses, beautiful melancholic melodies and chaotic noise orgies. Overall A.H.S. tries to avoid usual, conservative song structures but instead puts the main focus on moments of surprise and the intensity of feelings. This immediate approach and a self-contained, artistic master plan, that also involves experimental photo shootings, live video projections and unique stage performances, quickly gained attention in the internet community and Engert´s 2011 debut “The Sincere And The Cryptic” has been highly acclaimed both by critics and fans all over the world. The singles “A New Day” and “Claret” were played by radio stations all around the globe. +Read more

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