Bif Naked (Rock) est sur Rapido

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Bif Naked has pushed the boundaries of acceptability since day one. Her screaming loud creative has never been muzzled as she has unleashed a continual and seemingly endless string of blazing live performances, recordings, videos, quotes, sound-bytes, spoken word.

Finger Eleven (Rock) est sur Rapido

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Immediate, urgent, and unfiltered. Finger Eleven’s new album, Five Crooked Lines expresses the exultant spirit of rock and roll. Recorded in 11 days in Nashville with producer Dave Cobb (Rival Sons, Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell), and session drummer Chris Powell

Centao (Rock) est sur Rapido

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In Ferbruary 2012 CENTAO released their new Album„The Look - The Wait - The Kill“ worldwide.The Album was produced in the Horus Studios in Hannover by Arne Neurand (Guano Apes, Siddharta, Montreal) The Look The Wait The Kill made it into the Top5 of the itunes rock album charts in Austria.

Marrok (Rock) est sur Rapido

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2010 was a hell of a year for Marrok. Reawakening was the initial signal for the rise of Austria's finest rock band – a claim proven by awards, features in newspapers and on television, numerous gigs and the support of an ever growing fan-base. There's a reason to all this: singing leads, heavy rhythm guitars, forceful and driving drums and – of course – lush, melodic vocals

Andrea Alvarez (rock) est sur Rapido

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Andrea Alvarez, baterista, cantante y compositora Argentina de reconocida trayectoria en su país por haber tocado y grabado como sesionista junto a las más importantes figuras de la música popular Argentina (Soda Stereo , Divididos, Charly García, Attaque 77, Los Rodríguez ,entre muchos otros) e internacional ( Tito Puente, Celia Cruz,).

Sharon Rachman (rock) est sur Rapido

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I'm a self taught singer/songwriter and starting producer, born in Ukraine, now living in Israel. After graduating college and receiving bachelor's degree for business administration, it didn't feel like it's the right thing for me. By incidental meeting with other musician, it reminded me that I used to write music but that was never a main thing in my life.

Belle Roscoe (Rock) est sur Rapido

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Belle Roscoe is an Australian Rock/ Pop group led by siblings Julia and Matty Gurry. At the end of 2011, Belle Roscoe spent time writing songs for their second album in Paris. At the beginning of 2012

Dogma (Rock) est sur Rapido

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The Classic Rock Magazine describes Dogma's music as: “Aggressive riffs, ethnic vibes and psychedelic soundscapes all wrapped up with stunning delicate female vocals”. Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull presented Dogma on its official website: "The best musical metal band this side of Mars.

Jon Bryant (Folk) est sur Rapido

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For two-time iTunes Indie Spotlight Artist Jon Bryant, writing his latest release, What Takes You, was a challenging, yet invigorating experience. “The writing process was difficult to get back into as I had been touring continuously for almost all of the previous year, finishing University and planning for my touring year of 2011,” Bryant admits


Cameron Milford (Folk) est sur Rapido

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Cameron Milford is a songwriter from Brisbane, Australia. His music blends the sounds of Americana and Folk Rock. Cameron grew up in the "alt-country" scene of his hometown, enjoying success with the bands "Inntown" and "The Golden Spurs". After deciding it was time for a change, he traveled the USA and Europe as a solo troubadour and part time banjo player.


Alfo (folk) sur Rapido

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Alfo Urrutia despues de formar parte  de The Morrons, Los profetas, Héroes Anónimos, Vuelo Zero y Paso Cebra, se convierte en solista.

Cantante y compositor de todos los temas que canta y presenta. Su principal y más admirado potencial está en lo más importante que un artista debe tener: buenas canciones. 

A fines de 2009 edita 70 canciones y ningUN hit y recorre el pais entero realizando conciertos, compartiendo escenarios, con La Vela Puerca, Lerner, Gieco, La Mississippi, Los Rancheros, Javier Calamaro, Cafres, Etc.